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"Nicole was so amazing to work with!! The process was so much fun + she turned my ideas into a creative work of art!!!"

− Lindsey

"Nicole knows me so well & she has totally knocked off my frilly socks. Totally amazing!!! And so grateful that the universe connected us. Thank you Nicole, you are an outstanding person and designer."

− Sarah

"It's beautiful! Thank you so much! And seriously, I cried when I saw this site! We are eternally grateful to be working with you."

− Meghan


"Finding Nicole was no accident. I knew I needed to find a web designer that could breath life into my site and really make it sparkle, and along came Nicole. I could tell the moment I looked at her site that she would get me and where I'm coming from: Having a spirit and soul driven business!

Nicole takes the time to get under the surface to really extract the feel and the why of your website. She understands online marketing and how necessary it is for your site to really bring out the purpose of your business and how you can help your customers.

Nicole was so easy to work with as well. She was able to click into what I needed very easily and quickly. We were able to go back and forth and modify things as we went along the process together. Which was huge plus for me.

Nicole took me from serious website shame to a shiny happy beautiful new site! Thank you so much Nicole!!!"

− Ally,

"Just a quick note to send my loving gratitude! When I was ready you were there! Your questions led me to have the site that I truly had envisioned. The layout, the colors, the theme was BANG ON.
I couldn’t just hire anyone, I wanted to hire the lady boss that knew me, not just my words but the unspoken words that you got.
The ease of your process, the detail you provoked gave a knock out site.
There are thousands of designers, there is only one stylist…YOU!

Namaste Baby!"

− Karen,


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